Documate is now Gavel! Read more about why we’re excited about this rebrand.

What Can You Build?

A workflow is a set of questions that generates a set of documents (or automates decision-making). Our no-coding-required platform helps you build custom workflows in two easy steps:

  1. Set up the questionnaire: Add questions and add logic to each question using each question's unique variable name.
  2. Connect your Output Documents: Add conditional logic, calculations, and loops to determine how the responses to the questions will generate the documents. You can generate both PDF and Word/Docx documents.

What are common use cases?

Use Gavel for internal automation, to build client-facing applications, or to collect payments. For example, you can:

  1. Use workflows within your organization to generate documents more efficiently.
  2. Create "multi-user" workflows to gather information from a client and generate documents in house.
  3. Publish your workflows publicly for client use, or generate revenue by adding a paywall before documents are generated.


View case studies here, and view workflows and legal products available on the Gavel Marketplace here.