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Setting your Output Documents for DocuSign

Now that you have connected your Gavel and DocuSign accounts you can begin to select which document templates to send to DocuSign.

To set up the DocuSign integration with a workflow you will need to open the Document Templates tab in the builder view of your workflow. From here, you will find a checkbox labeled “Send documents for Docusign Signature.” If you check this box, you should see some new options appear on your screen, as shown in the image below.

In the first section that appears, you will see a list of all the documents you have uploaded to this workflow. Here is where you will choose which documents you want sent to DocuSign. Simply check the checkboxes next to the document you want to send to DocuSign.

If you have a file upload in your workflow, you can include these uploads as attachments by selecting the check box under “DocuSign Settings”.

Adding Recipients and Set Order

Next, you will need to input who to send these documents to. You can do this by clicking on the purple “Add Recipients” button.

Once you click this, you should see something similar to the image below appear. Here is where you will input the name, email, and role for each recipient you would like to have access to these documents in DocuSign.

You will input information about your recipients in each of the three text boxes above. In the first one, you will either type in the name of the recipients if it will always be the same person signing the document in DocuSign, or you will select a variable from your workflow, such as client_name if the recipient is based on a variable in your workflow.

In the next text box, you input an email associated with the recipient. If it will always be sent to the same email you can type in that email. Otherwise, you are able to select the variable for any email question type you have used in that workflow.

In the final text box you will select what role you would like this recipient to fulfill using DocuSign. If you would like more information about what each of these options means you can click on “View Docusign Definitions.” This will open up DocuSign’s website and provide you with definitions of all these roles.

Follow these steps for as many recipients as you would like to add.

Now you are ready to tag your document for DocuSign.