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Redacting Variables in Your Document

You can use the redaction function to redact a variable in your document (while still collecting and displaying the variable in other documents, or storing it in the Gavel data manager).  This is useful for social security numbers.  Here's how:

{{ redact(VariableName) }}

Using Curly Brackets

If you want double curly brackets to be maintained and generated in your document, like {{, the system will think you are trying to set syntax: it will not generate {{, but will instead try set your variable.  To prevent this, you can "escape" or mark as "safe" certain syntax.  There are two options for this:

  1. You can add curly brackets around any statement, like this:

{_{ {{ VariableName }} }_}In the example above, this will render {{ VariableValue }} in your final document with the curly brackets listed in your document.

  1. You can wrapping any syntax with raw, like we have done with {{ below:

{%raw %}{{{% endraw %}

This is particularly useful if you're taking your Documate document and injecting it into another system (like a CRM) that has similar "curly bracket" syntax.