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Incorporate Videos & Files

Embed videos, images and files on the pages of your workflow to provide users more guidance or visuals.

Add Videos To Your Workflow

To embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into your workflow, you should:

  1. Go to your YouTube or Vimeo video, and get the shareable link.
  2. Use the ID of that URL (the end of the URL) between brackets like this: [YOUTUBE urlhere]  or [VIMEO VideoIDhere] and add this where you want the video to appear in your workflow.

If your URL is, you will use: [YOUTUBE ee1j5a1_Stk].

Here's how it looks on your screen:
alt text here

Here's how it looks live in your workflow:

alt text here

Add Images

Images work the same way, except that you first need to load your image as follows:

  1. Add your image file to Gavel under Dashboard > Files > Images
  2. Reference the file name where you want it to appear in your questionnaire like this:
[FILE FileName.png]

If you want your file to be larger, you can amplify it to a certain percentage of the original file. For example, the following will render an image that is 200% of the original file size:

[FILE FileName.png, 200%]

Add Documents and Document Previews

Adding Word or PDF documents within your questionnaire allows you to provide your users with supplemental materials or display document previews before collecting payment. To add a document preview into your workflow, you should:

  1. Add the document to your workflow under Output Documents
  2. Reference the file name where you want it to appear in your questionnaire like this:


You can specify the file type displayed by adding the file type extension to the end of the document name, like this:


Your users can click on the document preview to download the file.

If you do not want to generate a copy of these documents at the end of the workflow, you can hide them using output document logic.

Watch a video tutorial here: