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Client or Internal Portals

User Portals

Organizational Users and Users can access their portals at Organizational Users and Users must be logged in to a Gavel account to access this page.

From this page, they can take assigned workflows, store data, review the data they have entered in previous workflows, and pick up where they left off in their existing sessions.

What's the difference between Organizational Users and Users? They are differentiated by how many sets of data they can add. Specifically:

  • Organizational Users can access Data Manager from their portals. Their Data Manager will only contain data they have entered, but they can enter multiple sets of data for the same workflow.
  • When Users are logged in, they will also benefit from Data Persistence, so their data will always be prepopulated across any workflow they take, so they never need to enter it twice.

What's Data Persistence? Data Persistence allows workflows with the same variables as previously completed workflows to maintain the data without requiring the User to enter this data again. For example, if the User has entered that their "clientname" is "John Doe," all workflows with the variable "clientname" will have the value "John Doe."

Admins can update the role of all users on their account from the Users page.

Other Portals

If you don't want to require your users to log in, or you want a public portal, you can display specific workflows on a page for clients or colleagues to access, like this example: Sample Workflow Display Page

How to set up your workflows page:

1. Create a new workflow and add a "Kickout" page, like this:

Kickout page document automation

2. Add your workflow links in the following format to the kickout page:

[Text you want to appear](link), like the below:

alt text here

You can even add videos and images to these pages.

3. Click "Save and Run".  

This link can now be used to embed a list of workflows on your site, share with specific colleagues, or make a client-facing portal.  

If you want this page to be the one your users arrive automatically when going to, please email