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Using DecisionVault and Gavel Together

Are you using DecisionVault for client intake and Gavel for document automation? Here is what you need to know about integrating Gavel and DecisionVault.

  1. Create a workflow in Gavel with all the questions that you will need to fill out our document(s). Keep in mind that you want to pull data from DecisionVault so you want to make fields that match the DecisionVault fields as best you can. You can have additional fields in Gavel that are not in DecisionVault.
  2. Automate your template in Gavel, using the Word add-in
  3. Set up the fields that you need in DecisionVault
  4. Configure the fields in DecisionVault. Note that DecisionVault allows you to push information into regular variables in Gavel. For repeating items, it can push any number of contacts into these fields.

Reach out to if you're a DecisionVault and Gavel user. We can add a special workflow to your account that is already built to match the DecisionVault default fields so that you can see the integration in action right off the bat.

Need ideas for what this could look like in practice? Check out this Gavel-DecisionVault webinar