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Troubleshooting Your Document Tags

Troubleshooting Your Document Tags

Is your document not outputting as you expected? There could be a number of things happening that are easy fixes. Here are a few troubleshooting tricks to try:

Common Mistakes
  • Have you accidentally deleted a bracket? If you used syntax from the Code Curious section, does everything match the example you used to create the syntax?
  • Are your variable names spelled correctly? If you typed in variable names anywhere, recall that Gavel’s variable names are case-sensitive and must match your workflow exactly.
  • Do you have “endif” closing every "if" condition?
  • Do the opening and closing tags for your conditions match? For example, if your “if” statement has a “p” in it, the “endif” should as well.
Using the Check for Errors button

The Check for Errors button allows you to see if you have any syntax in errors in your document. If any errors are flagged, you can resolve them now before running your workflow.

Watch this video to see how you can use the “Check for Errors” button to locate and fix any syntax errors in your document.