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Use Prior Answers

Use the value of a prior variable in a later question. You'll to this by inserting the variable name in the following format:


Examples of this use case:

1. Displaying a User’s Name Back to Them

After the user has answered with their name. On a subsequent page, you can parrot it back to them, like this:

Hello ${UserName}.  What is your address?

2. Display Prior Answers as Multiple Choice Answers:

Let's say question 1 asks the user their spouse's name, with the variable SpouseName:

Q: What is your spouse's name?

A: Richard

Then, question 2 on the second page is a multiple choice question asking who their favorite person is:

Q: Who is your favorite person?
A. Queen Elizabeth    
B. Beyoncé    
C. ${SpouseName}

If the user answers "Richard" to Question 1 (SpouseName), the name "Richard" will populate as Choice C in Question 2.

More Complex Conditionals using Prior Answers can be found here.