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Conditional Phrases

Conditional Phrases or Sentences

You can make the appearance of certain words or phrases dependent on the user’s answer to a question.  To do this using the no-code Word add-in:

  1. Open the Word add-in and select the workflow you'd like to use.
  2. Highlight the phrase you'd like to make conditional.
  3. Click "Show phrase when..."
  4. Choose the variable and value you want to base your logic on.
  5. To add complex logic, click "Add Condition" and repeat step 4.
  6. Click "Insert.

The standard syntax is:

{% if VariableName %}Conditional text here.{% endif %}

How does it work with different question types?
Yes/No Conditional

For conditions dependent on a yes/no question, use:

{% if VariableName %}Conditional text here.{% endif %}

{% if not VariableName %}Conditional text here.{% endif %}

Multi/Single Select Choice Conditional

For conditions dependent on a Single Select question, use:

{% if VariableName == "option" %}Conditional text here.{% endif %}

You can also use != for "is not," like this:

{% if VariableName != "option" %}Conditional text here.{% endif %}


Hello. {% if maritalstatus == "married" %}You are married. {% elif maritalstatus == "divorced" %}You are divorced.{% endif %}.

Multi Select Conditional

You can use "all false" as a shortcut where none of the conditions apply, like this:

{% if VariableName.all_false() %}Conditional text here.{% endif %}

Showing a phrase if an answer is blank:

If you want to show some text when the answer is blank, you can use the following.  Here it would say "Placeholder text here":

{% if VariableName == "" %} Placeholder text here. {% endif %}

Above, we replaced the option with "" an empty set of single quotes, which means the field was "blank."

Complex Conditionals

A phrase dependent on whether the end-user is married and whose favorite color is pink:

{% if maritalstatus == "Married" and favoritecolor == "Pink" %}I am married and my favorite color is pink! {% endif %}

CSV Conditionals

To create a conditional based on a CSV Data Source response, simply use the same "if" functionality as above. So, for example, you could write:

{% if CSV_Variable["CSV_Column"] == "Jane Doe" %}"