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CSV Data Source Questions

Pull Data from a CSV Spreadsheet

(Using CSV Data Source Questions)

Use the Gavel CSV Data Source Question to select a row in a spreadsheet and have all other data from a row available to use in your documents automatically populated. This feature is useful as a lookup/reference table for storing data. The CSV can be updated as the data changes.

To use a CSV file, you need to first upload it. Then you can create a CSV Data Source Question in your workflow to pull in the data. CSV files get uploaded to your Gavel files and can be used by any workflow in your account. If you have multiple builders on your account, you will share CSV files.

Upload a CSV File

1. Ensure your spreadsheet has at least two columns. If you only need one column of information, the second column requires a header but can otherwise be blank There must be two columns in your CSV.

2. From your dashboard, go to Files, CSV files, and then select “Upload New CSV.”

3. Configure the CSV:

Designate Whether the CSV Has Private Data. The Private Data setting restricts access to workflows that use this CSV to builders only. It is checked by default. If you want Organizational Users and Users to be able to answer a CSV Data Source question that uses this file, uncheck the Private Data box.

Set the Unique Column: This is a column that contains unique values. It is used internally to pull the latest data during document generation.

Set the Display Column: These are the columns that will be displayed to the user taking the workflow for rows matching their input.

Set the Searchable Columns: The CSV Data Source question allows you to search the data from one or multiple columns by typing in the search box, and then populating your choice. This part of the configuration process is where you set which columns of your spreadsheet are searchable in the CSV Data Source question.

4. Save

Add a CSV Data Source Question to Your Workflow

Choose the question type “CSV Data Source” and select the CSV file that you want to use. The file must already be uploaded for it to be used in a CSV Data Source question.

Use the Word Add-In to insert CSV variables into your Output Documents. The syntax includes both the CSV Data Source question variable name and the relevant column name that you want to pull data from:

{{ CSVVariableName[’CSV_File_Column_Name’] }}

For example, a CSV Data Source question variable called “AttorneyName,” which pulls from the “Address_Line_1” column of the attached CSV file would look like this:

{{ AttorneyName['Address_Line_1'] }}

For more information on CSV syntax in your Word Document, see Custom Syntax for Clio and CSV Variables.

Having trouble with CSVs? Have you tried…
  • Is the CSV set to private data and it is set in a workflow for an Organizational user or User? Edit the settings so that it is no longer private data.
  • Do you have at least two columns in your CSV file? If not, add a blank column and your file will upload.
  • Are you trying to create a CSV Data Source question but can’t find the CSV file? Make sure to upload the file first!