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Connecting your Gavel and DocuSign Accounts

As a Pro or Enterprise-level customer, you can easily connect your Gavel and DocuSign accounts.

Start by clicking the “Integrations” tab on the navigation toolbar on the left hand side of your screen when logged into a Builder or Admin account.

Underneath the Clio integration there will be the DocuSign Integration module. Click on the button labeled “Link account.”

You will now be redirected to a login page for DocuSign where you can enter your email and password for your DocuSign account. After you enter the correct credentials, you will be returned back to the Gavel integrations page.

The account you connect here will send all envelopes created by your Gavel workflows. If envelopes will be sent on behalf of more than one person, the recommended best practice is to create a dedicated account to send your Gavel envelopes.

If the gray button is now red and says “Unlink Account,” you have successfully set up the integration between Gavel and DocuSign.

If you need to unlink your DocuSign account from Gavel, simply click on the red button, wait for the green “success” message in the top right-hand corner to disappear, and your accounts should no longer be connected. You can tell that this has been successful when the button turns grey again and is labeled “Link Account” once more.

DocuSign Connect and HMAC Key

You can send documents from Gavel to DocuSign without an HMAC key, but you need an HMAC key to:

·     Receive updated documents from DocuSign.

·     View envelope status in Gavel.

·     Send webhooks from Gavel using the updated documents

·     Send emails from Gavel including updated documents.

To get an HMAC key, you need DocuSign Connect.

You can find your HMAC key at Click "ADD SECRET KEY" and the "Copy to Clipboard button" and then paste the copied HMAC key into Gavel. If there is no "ADD SECRET KEY" button on your DocuSign account, then DocuSign Connect is not enabled for your account.

Now you are ready to set your output documents for DocuSign.