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Section Labels

Section Labels are different from Page Titles. Page Titles are for internal navigation as you are building the workflow, and Section Labels are for providing navigation guidance to your users.  You can give the same Section Label to multiple pages to group them together.  Do this by adding the title for the section in the top right, like this:

What does it look like? The section label will appear like this in the workflow:

Section Labels as Navigation

You can now use the Section Labels to navigate back to previous sections and make edits and changes to previous selections. This will also advance the taker to any logic based follow up questions or pages based off the changed answers.

NOTE: If you have built in Section Labels prior to this release, you will need to Edit and then Save the workflow for the Navigation Section Labels to be activated. Otherwise your Section Labels will interact as they were before the release.

You can even use section labels as a progress bar, like this: