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Embed Calendly Into Your Workflow

With Gavel, you can embed your Calendly appointments page into your Gavel questionnaire to make it easy for your clients to book a meeting with you.

Embedding a Calendly Page
  • In your questionnaire, create a new "instruction" question
  • In the box, paste this syntax:
  • <iframe data-gavel-whitelist style="width: 500px; height: 700px;" src="CALENDLY LINK"></iframe>
  • Insert your Calendly link in the into the syntax above
  • It will look like the image below when you're in the editing mode
  • Click Save and "Run" to see the Calendly link embedded onto your workflow.

Your Calendly is now embedded! You can also use logic on your instruction box if you only want the Calendly to show in certain circumstances.