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Fields & Logic in PDFs

After you have uploaded your PDF to the Document Templates tab and clicked “tag” to open the PDF Tagger, you have four options for each fillable field in your PDF.

  • Insert Variable: this allows you to match the field to a specific variable name
  • Untagged: this means the field will be left blank
  • Enter Text: this allows you to either enter specific text that will always appear on this PDF or add syntax to set conditional text or calculations in your PDF field.
  • Insert conditional value: This allows you to set values that will appear depending on how the questions in your workflow are answered.
Insert a variable into a PDF field
  1. Select a field in the PDF that you want to tag to a question/variable in your workflow
  2. In the dropdown, choose “Insert variable
  3. Select the variable that you want to fill this field.
  4. Click “Save”
Insert a conditional value into a PDF field
  1. Select a field in the PDF where you want to insert a conditional value
  2. In the dropdown, choose “Insert conditional value”
  3. Build the condition using the available variables
  4. Click “Save”
Enter text into a PDF field
  1. Select a field in the PDF where you want to enter text that will always appear on this PDF.
  2. In the dropdown, choose “Enter text.”
  3. Enter the text you want to appear in this field.
  4. Click “Save”
Adding Formatting to PDF fields

If you select ”Enter text,” you can set formatting, calculations, or complex logic by entering syntax that you would use in a Word document, but modified slightly. Here's how:

  1. Note that
    • Word syntax has two sets of brackets: {{ capitalize(TextVariable) }}
    • PDF syntax has one set of brackets and a dollar sign: ${capitalize(TextVariable)}
  2. Use the Word add-in to generate the syntax that you need or grab syntax from the Learning Center (for example, Formatting Words),
  3. Remove a set of brackets and add a dollar sign
  4. Select the field
  5. Choose “enter text”
  6. Paste the modified syntax into the enter text field .

For example, if you would like to format a number as a currency, you would enter ${ currency(numbervariable) } into the field.

The workflow uses the same syntax as PDFs, so you can use the same syntax in PDFs as you would when using prior answers in the workflow.

Splitting Numbers Between Different Fillable Fields

Sometimes, you may have a long number (like a SSN or phone number) that you want to split up between different fillable fields on a PDF. Here's how to split them up using the Enter Text function and the variable name:

${ str(NumberVariable)[0:3] }

In the place of 0 and 3, you can use the number that you want the field to start and stop at. 0 is the first number. So "0:3" is the 1st through 4th numbers in the number variable.