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Fields & Logic in PDFs

For each fillable field in a PDF, you have three options:

  1. Tagged to Question: this allows you to tag the field to a specific variable name
  2. Untagged: this means the field will be left blank
  3. Enter Text: this allows you to either enter specific text or add code to set conditional text or calculations in your PDF field.

The image below shows what you will see when you click on a PDF that you upload into Gavel:

alt text here
Tagging Fields Directly

If you select Tagged to Question, you can choose to tag spousename to any of the variables in your interview workflow.

alt text here
Adding Logic and Calculations to Fields

If you select Enter Text, you can either enter specific text you want to appear there each time, or you can set logic or calculations, like below.

alt text here

Example: If the client is the Defendant, the variable clientname will appear in this field.  Otherwise spousename will appear.

Logic and FormattingYou can also use the same syntax you do in Word documents in PDF documents, but with slightly modified syntax changing {{X}} to ${X}.  This won't be necessary for simple variables, which do not require any code, but is useful for formatting options. A few common use cases can be seen here (same syntax you use to add logic in the interview) and here below:

  • Format Number as a currency: ${ currency(numbervariable) }

Splitting Numbers Between Different Fillable Fields

Sometimes, you may have a long number (like a SSN or phone number) that you want to split up between different fillable fields on a PDF. Here's how to split them up using the Enter Text function and the variable name:

${ str(NumberVariable)[0:3] }

In the place of 0 and 3, you can use the number that you want the field to start and stop at. 0 is the first number. So "0:3" is the 1st through 4th numbers in the number variable.

Note: PDF logic will have no-code features soon, just like the rest of our application!