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Unlocking PDF Documents

Here's a video on how PDFs are automated, and you can also read our instructions below:

Before you upload your PDFs to Gavel, you must run it through our PDF unlocker, so it is compatible with Gavel.  Do that here:

All PDFs must have fillable fields, and our PDF unlocker will automatically rename the field names to match the words next to the field.  You can then upload the document to Gavel and begin tagging.

Steps to get your PDFs Tagged
  • Load your PDF to
  • The system will automatically rename all of the fields. Make sure the names are clear to you. "Finish and Download" the document.
  • Load the PDF to your Output Documents
  • Click on the PDF document. Select Tagged to Question and choose the variable you want to connect it to.
  • Note: for PDF checkboxes, you can tag the field to the specific multiple choice option that should lead to the checkbox being checked.
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